The Factory "Hoop Dreams" basketball camp:


3 days March 27,28,29 Tues, Weds, Thurs

10 - 1230pm  grades 5 - 8th

1 - 330pm grades 9 - 12th

Player awards at conclusion.  Most improved + MVP!

$125 for all 3 days

$75 for 2 days

$50 for single day


Day 1: Shooting + Ball Handling


  • Improve speed of your shot preparation and quickness of your release

  • Learn proper footwork when shooting on the move, pass + Dribble

  • Learn how to implement game speed shooting practice into your training

  • Learn how to set measurable goals that will keep you improving

  • Counter moves

  • Creative games and competitions


Day 2: Scoring + Playmaking + Dimes + Reading Defenses


  • Learn how to create scoring opportunities for yourself + teammates

  • How to beat a defender 1 vs 1 and finish at the rim

  • Attacking off ball screens

  • Attacking off of pin downs

  • Learn how to frustrate your defender

  • Read the defense to open up teammates

  • Learn how to read the flow of the court

  • Learn when and what pass to make in live real game scenarios 


Day 3: Skills + Drills + Functional speed, agility, strength training


  • Learn to train like a pro

  • Participate in game situational drills and learn how your coach puts you in positions to be successful 

  • Learn how to attack zone defenses

  • King of the court tournament

  • 3 vs 3 tournament

  • 5 vs 5 play

  • Player awards and trophy presentations 

6331 Crawfordsville Road Speedway, Indiana 46224

Located off I-465 and High School Road

Kwana Evans

Terrell Teague
Facility manager

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